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doggyswap's Journal

Doggy Swap
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To swap pet apperal/toys/accessories


We all do it. We buy clothes for our four legged friends and come to find out its either way too big or way too small. Then what do you do? Throw it in the closet, in a bag, or tuck it in a drawer and forget about it.

Well now you can swap those clothes with other members. You can swap everything from booties, shirts, jackets, dresses, sleepwear, collars, leashes.. anything your pooch doesn't want anymore.


1: It would be best if you show a pic of the item. If you do not have a cam, try to grab the link of the stores website.

2: Measure it. This is the reason we're all here in the first place.. grrrrr. Take a measurement from top to bottom, side to side. So that if someone wants it, they will measure it against something current they have at home.

3: Be honest. If theres wear and tear, if its missing rhinestones, if theres a small tear... say it. Chances are someone will still want it.

4: Swap at your own risk. Im not held responsible for swaps gone wrong. Nothing sucks more than starting a swap and the other person doesnt come through with their end. If you are reported scamming another member, you will be banned from the community. Everyone play nice!

5: Do NOT leave your personal info (phone numbers, address) on the community. That what emailing privately is for. Once youve confirmed a swap with someone, email them your details.